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Cross Keys Homes (CKH) aims to be open with our customers and will routinely share information relating to performance, policies, procedures, and decision making with customers and other stakeholders as part of our wider objective of being accountable for what we do.  Although CKH is not currently covered by the Freedom of Information Legislation; we will not routinely withhold information where a request is neither commercially sensitive and can be fulfilled without unreasonable levels of employee cost in relation to the benefit of the data to the requestor.  Any request which relates to information relating to our customers will be considered against relevant requirements of prevailing data protection legislation and our objective to safeguard individual’s privacy.

Privacy Policy 

CKH collects information about you as a part of your application for services or when you enter into a contract with us, such as a tenancy agreement or for the provision of care or a LifeLine.  CKH takes your right to privacy and the security of information very seriously. The basis, under which we will collect, store, process (use), and share your information is explained in more detail in the Privacy Notice below and the Government has set out legislation which provides in detail for you rights. Cross Keys Homes is required to comply with those rights. Cross Keys Homes Limited is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (registration number Z8738837) and more information regarding the laws on data protection can be found on the ICO’s website:

Privacy notice 

This Privacy Notice sets out what you can expect to happen when CKH processes personal information. It applies to the information we process for tenants and service users. It also sets out the main legal basis for the processing of personal information.

About the personal information we collect

When we collect information about you, either in person or via a referral or written application, it will be made clear to you how that information will be used. The information we collect is to enable us to establish and manage a contract or relationship with you and may include, but is not limited to:

As well as collecting this information at the beginning of your relationship with CKH, we will update it as your circumstances change. This is so that we can maintain an up to date understanding of your circumstances which may be relevant to the services we provide you. Generally the information we hold will have been provided by you, however, we may also hold information which has been provided to us by third parties, such as agencies dealing with any benefits, or support workers. You have a right to access the information we may hold on you and, if you identify something that is inaccurate, a right to have it corrected.

How we store your information 

We generally store information on secure computer systems which are protected by appropriate technical security arrangements to prevent unauthorised access. We aim to ‘scan’ documents wherever possible and destroy paper based originals. Where it is necessary to hold personal information in a paper format, these will be held in secure office accommodation.

We will only retain personal information about you, so long as is necessary to support a legal basis. You have a right to request the erasure and / or correction of information held about you and can do so by contacting the Data Protection Officer by emailing or sending your request to Cross Keys Homes, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough PE2 7BZ.

The basis under which we process your information

Data protection legislation requires a ‘legal basis’ for the processing of personal information. Our main basis for processing personal data is where it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of CKH in order to support the terms or conditions of a contract or agreement we have made with you to provide the service. For residents, this includes the terms of your tenancy agreement and covers for example the use of data in making arrangements to repair, or to maintain or recover rent on the property that you are living in.

We may also process data to fulfil a legal obligation placed upon us or in the prevention of fraud, crime or otherwise unnecessary loss against Cross Keys Homes or a third party. This may also link to the way we will share information we hold about you.

There may be occasions where we rely on your consent to use your data, particularly when dealing with special categories of data. Where this is the case, you have the right to withdraw your consent.

On certain occasions we may process your data to protect the vital interests of you or another person, for example in the event of an urgent health and safety matter.

How we share your information

There are a number of circumstances which may lead us to share your data, in particular where we have sub -contracted to another organisation for the provision of a service to you. A common example is for the maintenance and repairs works to your home. As a minimum, the data we provide to a sub-contractor will be your name and contact details, however, we may also provide information on issues relating to your physical or mental health where this is necessary for the safe and appropriate delivery of service.  For services which do not relate directly to your housing, such as care, LifeLine or support services, we will make clear when you apply if and how your data will be shared with other organisations. Whenever we provide information about you in this way, we will put in place a data sharing agreement with the service provider which obligates them to maintain a high level of security over personal data that we share with them, and to only use it for the intended purpose.

We may also share information where it is in the legitimate interests of CKH to do so, for example, in the prevention of fraud or crime against us, or to support the collection of monies owed by you to us or a third party that might otherwise hold CKH liable. The most common example in this case is with utility companies.

We will also share information with law enforcement and government agencies or public bodies where we are legally obliged to do so; this may be in relation to matters of suspected crime or fraud including benefit or taxation issues. Occasionally we may be required to share data with public bodies for statistical purposes. We provide CORE data to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for research and statistical purposes. Read more about CORE data

Finding out about the information we hold about you

You can ask to see the personal data we hold about you by making a ‘subject access request’ (SAR). When you do this we will provide copies of the personal data that we hold about you, such as name, contact details, health information and any other personally identifiable information. It will help us to respond effectively if you provide some detail of the information you require. You will need to provide proof of identity and we will respond to subject access requests within 30 days.

If the information you require relates to a single or specific event, such as a repair or a copy of your tenancy agreement, you can request this information via our Customer Services team on 01733 385000 or via email

To make a subject access request or if you have any questions regarding CKH’s privacy policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer by emailing or sending your request to Cross Keys Homes, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough PE2 7BZ. For SARs, the form includes additional guidance.

For more information on our responsibilities and your rights under the data protection legislation, please visit:

Visiting our websites

When you visit one of our websites, we collect standard internet log information for statistical purposes.

Our websites contain links to various third party websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any external websites that are linked from our sites.

Applying to work at Cross Keys Homes

If you submit an application to work for us we will use your personal information to process your application and to produce and monitor recruitment statistics. We will not take up references without your prior permission. We will not share or disclose your information unless you have given us your consent or we are required to by law. Where we are required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service check we will comply with the law and your rights when carrying out these checks.

We retain personal information relating to unsuccessful applicants for no longer than 12 months, for use in the event of an appeal. We produce statistical information to assist with recruitment analysis.

Calling Cross Keys Homes

On some of our service lines, e.g. repairs, LifeLine, complaints and customer service we record calls.  This is to allow us monitor our services, transactions and for traiining purposes. 

How we use your contact details - telephone number and/or email

Text messages and contact via telephone provide a direct way to contact and share information with you about the services we can deliver to you. It can also help you receive important promotional/marketing messages which may interest or help you.

We may use your telephone number that you have provided us to keep in contact with you by text. 

Operational SMS/text/email messaging and calls

If you supply us with your telephone/email contact details, we may use them to call or send you operational text/email messages.

Examples of operational messages include:

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